Son Tra, Da Nang

Duplex Azura apartment for rent

$1.300 /month


Hi expats. Are you looking for Azura apartment Da Nang for rent, a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom with Han River view, the biggest apartment, and a nice design?

Let’s check Azura apartment Da Nang in our inventory list to find a luxurious and wonderful place for living and enjoying.

Azura luxury apartment for rent in Da Nang

The apartment is located in the heart of Da Nang City, facing of Han River view:

  • On Tran Hung Dao Street
  • Next to Vincom Commercial Center
  • 4 mintues ride to Pham Van Dong beach
  • 7 minutes to Da Nan International Airport by bike

Azura stands out as the highest residential in Da Nang. This building has 34 floors with 225 apartments, from the third floor to the 31st floor are two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments, 32th floor is duplex apartments and the highest floor is penthouse apartments. Each floor just has 7 apartments, therefore, it’s very quiet and big size. The first floor is reception and management board, kids club and minimart, M floor is Gym room, two swimming pools outside for kids and adults.

The building embraces the stunning view of the whole city, Han River view, Sea view, Son Tra mountain view and this is the biggest size apartment in Da Nang. As the diamond location, the best view in Da Nang, and facilities, Azura is evaluated as the luxury place in Da Nang.


Two bedroom apartment

Azura apartment for rent in Da Nang has two types of two-bedroom units. One is facing Han River, size is around 100m2, all of the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen have sunlight so it’s very comfortable and airy. The big balcony can set up chairs and tables, you guys can take fresh air in the morning or smoke there and enjoy Han River at night. Especially, residents can view the sunset every day, it’s gorgeous and romantic.

The corner unit has two bedrooms facing East so you have a River view Sea view and Son Tra mountain. It’s large 157m2 with a big living room and kitchen. In the corner unit, residents can see both the Sunset and Sunrise. The size and view are super amazing there.

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One bedroom apartment

Each floor has 2 units of one bedroom, number 01 and 07, size is 65m2. If you want to rent Azura apartment in Da Nang, you stay with one or two people you should choose one bedroom apartment which is very large, bedroom and living have a view and sunshine so it makes the residence feel clear and so cool for the whole day. Both units have Sea View, number 07 is blocked by Vinpearl but still can see Han River.


Three bedroom apartment

Each floor in Azura apartment Da Nang renting just has one unit of three bedrooms, it’s opposite with Han River, size is 188m2. The apartment embraces the poetic scenery of Han River.

Han River view apartment for rent in Azura building Da Nang

In Da Nang, just a few apartments have Han River View, only Indochina, and Azura now. This building has an oval shape so both the bedroom and living room have a River view, although this building is facing of West direction the oval shape makes it avoids the sunshine in the afternoon. The view is very nice in the morning and supper stunning at night. Residences in here evaluate this is the best view of an apartment in Da Nang.

Biggest apartment in Da Nang

Let’s check some apartments in Da Nang and if you want to find a big place for living, you will recognize that is Azura biggest apartment in Da Nang for rent. Da Nang is more and more developed therefore lands and apartments are very expensive which is the reason not many biggest size apartments in Da Nang. As the view, location and size, this building becomes the most expensive apartment in Da Nang.

Nice design

Azura has been built for 6 years, don’t look outside you should come and check it. Some apartments are designed really nice and decorated with luxury furniture. Clients can choose the apartment with Western style, Korean style, tropical style or natural style which is decorated by trees and flowers. In our list, you can check Azura apartment Da Nang for lease with many styles with different views and sizes.

High floor

This building has 34 floors, each floor has 4 units of two bedrooms.

Apartment HOT

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